The Sign above is called The Greatest Sign. Our teachings are based on this Sign. Below is a brief explanation of the formation of The Greatest Sign (GS), from the beginning of the Creation.

Revelation of the Seven Seals, one at a time!

Creation started when Unconscious Mind (God) was awakened.  This released the raja guna (energy) and so the tama guna (crudifying force) gained hold on the consciousness.  This resulted in the rise of desire (dot, the big bang). Desire is the movement (vibration) directed toward the external world. That is why the dot above is orange-red (desire). This original movement put the creation into motion. The three creative forces, presented by blue, orange-red and white in The Greatest Sign, were released (the I-Ching). This movement evolved to the awakening of the Universal Spirit (the Lotus). This Universal Spirit (God) reached into the Universe (the triangle downward). This is what is called, in Genesis, The Spirit of God moved over the waters.
By Manifesting Himself into the universe (the I-Ching in the bottom) He went through the Eternal Divine Path and reached Pure Consciousness (the first round of appearing of the Seven Seals). In this first round, if you look closely, you see there is no triangle upward (Hierarchy in Heaven). It is when this first unit consciousness (I-Ching at the bottom) reaches Pure Consciousness (Seven Seal, the last Seal), He became the First Begotten Son, and it is then that the triangle upward (Hierarchy in Heaven) appears. He becomes the Head of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy in Heaven (the triangle upward) is formed. Through this Hierarchy (triangle upward) and the Spirit Of God (triangle downward) the unit Consciousness (I-Ching in the bottom, in the second round) are helped to their Goal (Pure Consciousness). Man has to realize Self!
That is why the I-Ching (at the bottom) is the first Seal (Mystical Paths, Know Thyself). The second is the second Seal (Children Of Israel, Communities Of Light), the third Seal is Christianity (Sacrifice), the fourth Islam (Surrendering and Submission to God), the fifth Baha’i (Universalism), the sixth (you become) The Elects and the seventh Pure Consciousness (the I-Ching at the bottom changes to the image in the center, God, man again becomes in His Image!). For greater understanding of what is explained here, read THOTH!
If you observe the formation of The Greatest Sign (animated above), in the beginning the First Seal (I-Ching at the bottom) is in the horizontal position. Horizontal means not being awakened, asleep. When we want to fall asleep we lay down in the horizontal position. Here the I-Ching (the First Seal, Awakening Of The Spiritual Forces) is dormant. However, when the animation reaches the Fourth Seal (Surrendering and Submission to God), the I-Ching become vertical, Spirit is Awakened. A person who is truly Surrendered and Submissive to God, has awakened his/her Spiritual understandings. By becoming a Universalist (Fifth Seal) the person becomes an Elect (Sixth Seal). It is such a people who will bring God’s Kingdom on earth. It is in such an environment that many will reach to Pure Consciousness (The Seventh Seal).
You can notice that the First Seal and The Seventh Seal are in the same position (at the bottom of The Greatest Sign). Some people believe that by meditation and other spiritual practices (chanting, dancing, etc.) one can reach Pure Consciousness. This is the teaching of the present Mystical Paths on earth. That is why the I-Ching and the sign of Pure Consciousness are an extension of each other. That is: By awakening the Spiritual Forces, one may reach Pure Consciousness. But the fastest (and safest) way is to follow the Eternal Divine Path (The Greatest Sign)!

Sabbath: day of rest and attunement to God.

The very base of God-realization and spiritual progress is to be able to calm the mind, contemplate, and attune the self to the truth of the universe.  That is why God has emphasized the Sabbath as being one of the most important Commandments.  That is because if a man cannot rest and calm his mind, he would never realize anything.

So it is very important that at least one day of the week be for rest, fasting, and kept holy by calming the mind and contemplating creation, God, and the truth behind them.

Sacrifice: to give of the self (physically, mentally, or spiritually) for others.  In the highest form, sacrifice means not to be self-centered.

Sahasrara : the seventh chakra in Sanskrit.

Sal-Om :  a derivation from “Salaam,” “Shal-om,” “Salute,” and “OM (omsmall.gif (884 bytes)).”  It means “hello, goodbye, peace, be surrendered to the Divine (Lord), health, safety, greetings, kind wishes, courtesy, honor, to give a sign of respect, and good will; and the position (as of the hand) or the entire attitude of a person saluting another person.”

In short, “Sal-Om” means, “We pay our salutations to the Divinity within you (to the Divine vibration OM), and wish you to be surrendered and submissive to Him, and to understand and follow His Laws.  Then you will have the best in the universe.” Sal-Om!

Samarians: same as the House of Israel.

Samskara  (see also Karma and Reincarnation): the effect of the action which remains in the universe in order for the Soul to receive its proper rewards or punishments.  This is the description of samskara according to the Far East Philosophies.

However, when a person repents and never again does the sins, he will be forgiven, because the purpose of all these Laws and creation is to help man overcome his lower nature and go to hishigher self.

So if a person accomplishes this goal, there is no point that he be punished or gain experience which he has already achieved since he is ready to refrain from repeating his past mistakes.

When a person starts to meditate, samskaras are stirred up and the repetitive pattern which so far was controlling a person’s life becomes even more intense. Also by meditation, the awareness increases.  With a more intense life and greater awareness, with His Grace, lessons are learned quicker and progress is accelerated.

Sannyasin (same as renunciate):  those who dedicate their lives to serve God and forgo marriage and family life.  It also means those who are not attached to the result of their actions (are surrendered and submissive to God).

Sarkar, P. R. : the earthly name of the Baba, the founder of Ananda Marga (the Sixth Seal).

Sat, Chit, Ananda  (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss)Anandais the experience of realization.  It can be accomplished by a person who truly (Sat) knows his consciousness (Chit).  Such a person will experience bliss (Ananda).

He who truly (Sat) knows the consciousness (Chit) will experience bliss (Ananda).  Or, by truly (Sat) knowing the self(Chit), you will know God (CHIT), and God is bliss (Ananda).

Sat-Guru  (Perfect MasterMan-god): The individual who, for the first time, reaches Pure Consciousness but comes back to this world in order to help others to reach Pure Consciousness.  Such a person is called a Sat-Guru, man-god, or perfect Master.

Satayaloka (True World, Essence, The Reality) : the seventh loka in Sanskrit.

Satsang : a company of people who gather together to talk about God and truth; good company.

There are three kinds of gatherings:

There is idle gathering which is when people gather together and exchange idle talk, which neither helps them materially (worldly) nor spiritually.  Such a gathering and talk should be avoided by those who are in the path of the spirit.

There is a gathering to discuss and solve the real problems (real problems, not unreal problems from ignorance or passion).  These gatherings are helpful to take care of worldly matters, “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof” (Matthew 6:34).

The third kind of gathering is the one in which people gather to talk about God, His creation, and Truth.  This kind of gathering is the most desirable.  In fact, to establish such a gathering and worship will help in solving most of the other small problems.  This kind is Satsang. Faith comes by hearing!

Also Satsang refers to realizing the truth through visualizing (to see the truth), through hearing, reading, etc., or all the things which are truth or aid us in realizing the truth.

An example of this is: When a person sees an unhappy person and realizes that this person is unhappy because he or she does not know God.  This realization or observation is a Satsang.

So Satsang in general is whatever helps us to know the self(Chit), God (CHIT), which is truth (SAT).

Satva Guna  (Sentient Force): the most sentient force in the creative forces (one of the three gunas) of the universe (Universal Mind).  It is responsible for the feeling of “I know” in the individual mind and Universal Mind.  It is the same as theAngel Gabriel.

It is the decision-making part of the mind (“I know“).

Satvic  (Sentient): When satva guna is dominant in a subject, that subject is called satvic or sentient.  For example, satvic foods are those with satva guna dominating in them.  Anything satvic is preferable over rajasic and tamasic.

Also, sometimes subjects change their position as being satvic,rajasic, or tamasic in different situations (according to time, place, and person).  For example, the food that is rajasic in a hot climate might become satvic in a cold climate.

Savikalpa : the state of active “Logic” or “Will”; the sixth state of progress.

Sayyed:  those who are from Prophet Mohammad’s genealogy.

Scepter, The: the promise of spiritual dominance and kingly position given to Abram (Abraham).

Sea: the consciousnesses under the influence of the tama guna, or when restless.

Sea is a turbulent water, as is a consciousness under the influence of the tama guna (turbulent by attraction, fulfilled desires, attachments, and greed — the four winds), and a turbulent consciousness can neither realize itself nor realizeGod.

That is why the beasts (desires and attachments) arise from the sea in chapter 13 of The Revelation.

Seal:  used in The Revelation (the last book in the Bible).   According to our teachings, each Seal is One Truth of the Seven Truths covered as part of the Eternal Divine Path, brought with each major Prophet and/or religion on earth.

The First Seal:  covers all Mystical Paths.  They include Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, and any other religion that teaches Know Thyself to Know God (self and God are One!)

The Second Seal:  is the Old Testament (Communities of Light, which is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth).

The Third Seal:  is the New Testament (Sacrifice).

The Fourth Seal:  is Islam, which means being Surrendered and Submitted to the Will of God (not being attached to the result of one’s action, let God be the doer, etc.)

The Fifth Seal:  is the Bab/Baha’i teachings (Universalism).

The Sixth Seal:  those who go through these first five Seals (Steps) become the Elects (Paravipras).  This sixth state is the Sixth Seal or the teachings of the Baba (from the Ananda Marga organization).

The Seventh Seal:  is the Seal of Unification and Revelation of the Seventh Angel (which Reveals the whole Mystery of God), our teachings.

Self: same as Soul.

Self-Centeredness: to be only concerned about the self and its mundane needs (selfishness).

Self-centeredness means to feel separate from the rest of the universe and to be unconcerned about the rest of creation.  It is a feeling of not being a part of the universe and the universe a part of the self.

That is the essence of the feeling of separation, loneliness, and misery.  That is the very reason people seek the company of others and feel lonely and lost when they are alone.

The opposite of being self-centered is to be other-centered or universally-centered.  That is, to love the self because you love the whole universe, and because you are also a part of it.  So you love yourself also, and you take care of the self and the rest of the universe for the same reason, because everything isGod.  A person with such a realization is never alone.  He is always with God, and God is with him, even when in the company of others.

Sentient Force (Satva Guna): same as Satva Guna.

Serpent (LuciferDevil): same as devil.  However, it is also related to the kulakundalini (latent spiritual force).  When thekulakundalini is in the first three chakras, the serpent is a “devil.”  But when it is raised to higher chakras, it becomes wisdom, or light.

Service: to give physical, mental, or spiritual help to others with no expectation for any return, or to serve others in the spirit of serving God.

Service is of three kinds: from ignorance, from passion, and from knowledge.

Service is from ignorance when it is done for the wrong person (he does not need that service), at the wrong time, and/or at the wrong place.

Service is from passion when it is done in the spirit of gaining something in return. In fact such an act is not a service but is a business.

Service is from knowledge when it is done for the right person, at the right time, and at the right place, without expectation. However, service done to do God‘s Will is always from knowledge.

Not only can service be from ignorance, passion, or knowledge, but also in any situation (time, place, and people) any decision can be from these points.

Shah Bahram : the savior in the Zoroastrian religion who comes at the end time.

Shariah : Islamic Laws.

Shem: one of the three sons of Noah.

He is the symbol of the father of the Brahmin (true priest) class in humanity. That is why Abram (Abraham) is the descendant of Shem.

Shii’a : One of the two main branches of Islam.

The followers of Shii’a, who mostly reside in Iran and the neighboring countries, hold that Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad, was the rightful choice for assuming the leadership of the Moslems as the Imam.  There were three other successors (Abu Baker, Othman, and Omar) before Ali eventually became the Caliph (the leader of the Muslims).  Even then he was assassinated, and his children did not succeed him as Caliph.  The Islamic government changed from leaders following the Prophet’s example to more secular and was organized as an empire.

Shii’as never accepted this situation and also never accepted the first three Caliphs as legitimate.  That became the point of contention between the Shii’as and Sunnis (who accepted this situation).  Shii’as still insist that this should not have happened.

Shii’as continued following the Imams (Ali’s children).  This created great tension between these unofficial leaders and the central government.  So Ali and all his children, who Shii’as believe should have succeeded him and followed as Imams, were all poisoned and killed.  The twelfth Imam disappeared and that is who Shii’as are waiting to return as Mahdi (Messiah).

Shiloh Messiah.

This name is used in Gen. 49:10 as the bearer of the scepter, who will come and gather the people of Israel unto himself.  This prophecy was fulfilled through Christ and he gathered theHouse of Israel under his banner () as Christians, especially the early Christians; read Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti : the spiritual name of the Baba, the founder of Ananda Marga (the Sixth Seal).

Shrii Shrii Para Maha Yantra  (The Greatest Sign): same as The Greatest Sign.

Shudras : laborers; children of Ham.

Shudras are the worker type of humans, and are the ones who do the basic, usually physical, tasks in society.

Siddhis : siddhis means powers.  By overcoming the mundane propensities of each psychic center (chakra), different powers can be gained.

In a sense these powers are a boon for our work toward perfection.  In another sense, they are a test to see how we use our acquired boons.  If we use them for selfish reasons, either they will be taken away from us, or they will become a trap and an obstacle in further spiritual development.

That is why the goal of spiritual practices and progress should not be to gain siddhis, because they can result in regression or become a trap in the Path.

However, if a siddhi is gained in the process it should be used to help others in the path, with the ideation that it is not ours, but we are only channels (submission).

If a power is gained and is misused, and a person or persons are hurt, learn the lesson and do not misuse your powers any more, or if a power is gained and you do not know what to do with it, just give it up and give it back to the universe until you are ready for it.

Spiritual practices to gain powers (siddhis) indeed are of a very low level of consciousness.  The goal of spiritual practices is to be(come) Divine, which is to create wisdom, compassion, and become free and one with the Father and The Holy Ghost (TheMother).

Sign Of Paravipra: the sixth seal in The Greatest Sign () (see Paravipra).

Sijjin : The name given for the bad records in the Akashic Records in the Koran.

Sin (Samskara): transgression of the Laws (Daharmas) of the Lord (universe).

Social Movements: (natural, evolutionary, revolutionary, counter-evolution, and counter-revolution):

There are five different movements in society:

(1) natural movements: those insignificant movements that do not bring a deep permanent change in society, such as fashions.

(2) evolutionary movements: gradual permanent changes which usually start from the top of society to the bottom.

(3) revolutionary movements: sudden, abrupt, permanent changes with great force, which usually occur from the bottom to the top of the society.

(4) counter-evolution: a gradual return to the previous state.

(5) counter-revolution: an abrupt return to the previous situation.

Counter-evolutions and counter-revolutions are very short lived. The progress of society can never be forced back for long (readKingdom Of Heaven On Earth).

Son Of God: same as Avatar.

Soul (AtmanSelf): the manifestation of the Divine in gross form as a separate consciousness.

Soul is different than spirit.  Spirit is the same as astral body, consists of ethereal factors, and contains the first five chakras.  The Soul is consciousness with the three gunas as its creative force or mind.  Soul is the same as self.

Source Of Decrees (In The Koran): Same as Akashic. Records.

Spirit (Ethereal BodyAstral Body): same as astral body.

Spiritual Teacher: same as Guru.

Stars: symbol for the children in the family, the civil servants in society, and those who have small spiritual lights in guiding others a little.

Static Force (Tama Guna): same as tama guna.

Struggle With God: this does not mean to struggle againstGod.  The word “with” here is taken to mean “to be with.”

Therefore the sentence “struggle with God” here means to be onGod‘s side (Elects) and struggle with Him against those who have gone astray.

Subconscious Mind: stored memories of this lifetime which are accessible to each individual by a little effort from the storage part of the brain, also stored karmas of the past lives.

Submission: when a person ideates that he and his body are only a channel for the Lord to do the Divine actions through them.

With this, there will be no “I” left and the person is free from egoistical attachment to the result of his actions because he is not the doer but He is.  Then he will be free from any attachment, and that is the key to salvation.

Islam also means “submission” and this ideation of being submissive to the Lord is related to the fourth seal () in The Greatest Sign.

Subtle Body: the subtle body consists of: the mind (the three parts of the mind), the Soul, the astral body, and the fifteen fine organs.

Sun: the symbol of the father in the family (male, Logic); same as morning star.

Sunni : one of the two main branches of Islam.

The followers of Sunni differ from the other branch, Shii’a, in that Shii’as did not accept the successors of Prophet Muhammadas legitimate (see Shii’a) but Sunnis believe in their legitimacy.

Superior Nature (Consciousness Beyond The First Three Chakras, Higher Self): same as the higher nature of man.

Supreme Consciousness: same as “I AM” or God.

Surrendering: to do the actions but to surrender the result to the Lord.

Greater than surrendering is to be submissive.  That is, to become a channel for His Divine actions.  In surrendering still an “I” is present who surrenders “the result” of “his” action toGod.

But in submission, there is no “I” left.  Because it is He who is the doer, not the individual “I,” therefore no attachment will be created to the result.

Svadhisthana : the second chakra in Sanskrit.

Swarloka (Crude Mental World) : the third loka in Sanskrit.

Meditate On The Greatest Sign (The lake effect)!
Meditate On The Greatest Sign (The lake effect smaller; fits into your screen)!
Meditate On The Greatest Sign (Dripping waters)!
Meditate On The Greatest Sign (Zoom in and out)!
Meditate On The Greatest Sign (Play The Greatest Sign Puzzle)!
Meditate On The Greatest Sign (as a window in a snowy day)!
Meditate On The Greatest Sign (Celebrating The Greatest Sign)!


(The Voice Of God)


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7/7/07: Listen Read  –FTP site

Topics Covered:

1.      Come together Humanity and create One World,; this world is not as stable as you think

2.      Your essence and the Goal of this life is to Be(come) Divine and return to the Essence.

3.   Overcome the glitter and Maya of this world and turn around from the external world

4.   Respectful relationships are essential to creating a Godly Society.

5.   Now the Prophet has been sent to reveal the Truth and the Mystery is No More.

6.   There is no choice but to Sunder to bring the Elects together to bring the KOHOE

7.   The Prophet is not accepted, the Revelation is not listened to and humanity still separates itself by countries, color, race, religion, etc.

8.   Decide to face the Essence and improve yourself and your life in all levels

9.   There will be no violence in the Kingdom of God on earth.

10. Sharing, respectfulness, courteousness and seeing the place of each person in a COL will lead to progress in Spirit

11. The Laws are created for YOU to purify yourself. Create strong families and COLs to come back to Light.

12. Creation is created to bring you to this point for you to see to turn around and become Godly

13. The fulfillment of all the prophecies and Revelations is finished and it is time to step up to create COLS.

14. Darkness promises a lot of things and you ‘feel good’. Darkness makes you comfortable. It is an empty promise, a bottomless pit.

15. Observe the world and relationships to see how the darkness is destroying them by killing each other with man-made ideas (religions beliefs, economic gains, plain ignorance, etc)

16. Know Our Ways and understand Our Revelations to you. Ask, what is this Universe is about?

17. The purpose of this creation is that: Darkness was upon the face of the deep. Ego made them to go away from Us. Eternal Divine Path is the way to return.

18. Darkness would not listen. Creation was used through evolution to realize the Goal is to go back to the Essence/Light Within you. If Nature/Dharma is followed the Light will come to you.

19. Do not settle for mediocrity, but Perfection. Create the best way to educate and spread this Message to man.

20. We do not argue with those who reject us, we let them alone to kill each other, that they eventually may see the Light!

21. Garden of Eden can come back if they recognize that ‘their ways’ will not create the Garden.

22. You go against the Godly Nature; you will break yourself against those Laws. Humanity is powerless and cannot do anything except what we allow them to accomplish.

23. When we do not progress in our Perfection, we become depressed and unhappy. Become a river on its way to the Ocean/Essence. Become a LightWorker; Become a Paravipra.

24. We have clearly proven We Exist, We are in Control.

25. You have a choice to recognize that there is a purpose in your life. Not to go to what this world offers. Close your eyes and realize we have already given the Way back to the Essence. Darkness will
eventually return to Light. Resistance means longer it will take for this to happen.

26. We are finished to give the Revelation to Humanity. Read THOTH. Read the Satsangs. Maitreya has given everything We have told Him to give you. We and Him are One. The Revelation is Perfected.

27. This will be Our last session of Revelation and It is Done! It is Finished. Listen to these Words, create the environment that is necessary to bring the KOHOE. We have given Our Will to Humanity in these 2 sessions. The rest of the Revelations which is Revealed in the last 30 years, through Maitreya, are the details given to man. We are Done!

6/2/07: Listen Read  –FTP site

Topics Covered:

1.      The words of God

2.      The earth is a place where the Light can evolve

3.      The time of sundering The decision has already been made in the Spirit about that Revelation

4.      No one knows the Truth until the Seventh Angel reveals the whole path

5.      We are all children of the same Essence

6.      There is a purpose in the Creation

7.      The universe has been created with compassion and mercy

8.      Christ said that no one will go to the Father but through Him

9.      Give this message to all

10.  The responsibility is on human shoulders

11.  The ego is very tricky

12.  Even science supports this teaching

13.  This Revelation is the most perfect revelation ever given to humanity

14.  God is in charge; humanity has no choice

15.  God is calling humanity, to join, to recognize,…  


El término sánscrito Tantra significa, entretejido, entramado

y proviene de la raíz tan, extender, expandir.

En sentido técnico, Tantra significa continuidad,

es decir, la continuidad entre el cuerpo y la mente.

Sin embargo, la definición tradicional de Tantra es aquello que extiende la sabiduría.


El Tantra es una forma de vida  que junta todos los tipos de Yoga

y los adapta a las necesidades de la evolución humana,

según los cambios de cada época; entiende el Ser, la Energía

y el Cosmos como un todo unido, como una inmensa red unificada.

Los Tántricos utilizan tanto la meditación en yantras y mandalas;

ceremonias, como nyasa para la purificación psicosomática;

y técnicas místicas para la sublimación de la energía sexual

y su transformación en energía espiritual.

Se concede especial relevancia a los rituales

y las técnicas de visualización que persiguen

el despertar

del poder psicoespiritual kundalini sakti,

inherente en el cuerpo humano.

Es por todo ello y más, que el Tantra se considera” asimismo”

como una revelación que aspira a ser la enseñanza más adecuada,

para esta Edad Oscura, Kali Yuga, en la que nos encontramos actualmente.

En el Tantra se considera el cuerpo humano como una valiosa plataforma para lograr

la iluminación

y por consiguiente,

buscan mantenerlo en excelente estado de salud,

libre de enfermedades psicológicas, puritanismos, represiones.

El Tantra trabaja con el cuerpo físico y con sus aspectos sutiles,

koshas, compuesto de energía vital prana y otras energías causales.

Además, el cuerpo energético sutil contiene siete vórtices principales” chakras”

que están alineados a lo largo de la columna vertebral.

El poder de la energía  kundalini sakti,

se despierta en el centro psicoenergético más bajo

y luego debe ascender hasta la cima de la cabeza permitiendo la liberación,

“kaivalya” o nirvana, como dirían los budistas.

El matrimonio cósmico entre Siva y Sakti, como decimos los Tántricos.

2.- El Tantra del SIGLO XXI

En Occidente, el Tantra se malinterpreta como una forma de libertinaje sexual

y algunos usan esa ignorancia como justificación hedonista,

y más aún, como negocio,

aprovechándose de las carencias afectivas de la mayoría de los mortales.


Aunque es verdad que algunas escuelas de Tantra hacen uso del ritual sexual como

una herramienta de transformación,

la mayoría de las escuelas Tántricas apuntan a un acercamiento más carnal.

La clásica frase de “ TODO ES TANTRA “ se ha llegado a confundir en “ TODO VALE “.

Al Final mezclamos, terapias alternativas, Vudus, esoterismos, new age,

prostitución encubierta, masajes con final feliz,

métodos de manipulación sectaria, fines de semana de meditación y agroturismo,

paz  interior, pederastia(iniciación a menores),

incitación a consumir estupefacientes,

que no es lo mismo que drogas es decir


que te harán creer que estas ILUMINADO…

En todo caso, el Tantra no busca aumentar el placer al máximo,

sino comprender tu poder personal,

que es característica inalienable de nuestro más profundo sí-mismo.

Por eso, Tantra es, por otra parte, aunque la misma parte,

el camino secreto del amor sexual trascendente,

cuyo simbolismo ha quedado eternizado para siempre,

en los muros de los templos de la ciudad santa de Khajuraho en India.

Malinterpretada por aquellos de mente calenturienta que no saben distinguir,

entre realidad y símbolo, por aquellos que reprimen lo que domina sus vidas.

Tantra , es transformación.

Es la transformación, puesto que la misma energía que está en el odio, la ira, los celos, la envidia…,

Se halla también en el amor,

la tolerancia, la comprensión, la generosidad, la ecuanimidad…

Como el domador domina sus leones, el Tántrico domina sus pasiones.

Pero, así como el domador no mata ni anestesia a sus leones,

el Tántrico no elimina ni atrofia sus pasiones,

más bien se sirve de ellas y las trasciende.

Sólo, mediante estas actitudes,

el Tántrico es capaz de conseguir el autodominio, el ser dueño de sí mismo,

paramahamsa primero, paramatma finalmente,

fusionándose con ParamaSiva, el gran kaivalya,

liberación absoluta, la meta del Tantra.

El Tantra es el centro y núcleo raíz del Hinduísmo y del Budismo.

No puede resumirse fácilmente en qué consiste esta enseñanza,

porque el Tantra comprende un espectro muy amplio de creencias y prácticas.

Sin embargo, para dar una descripción simplificada,

se puede decir que la mayoría de las escuelas Tántricas,

incluyen los siguientes rasgos:

* La iniciación y el discipulado espiritual,

con un adepto calificado, y falsos gurus.


* La mente y la materia son manifestaciones de una realidad espiritual

superior que es nuestra verdadera naturaleza siempre presente, bhairava.

* La realidad espiritual no es algo distinto del reino empírico

de la existencia, samsara, sino algo inherente a él.

* La posibilidad de lograr la iluminación permanente o liberación,

kaivalya, mientras se permanece en el estado físico,

por medio del despertar del poder espiritual denominado kundalini sakti,

adormecido en el chakra muladhara.

* El reconocimiento de que la iluminación espiritual se acompaña de,

proporciona acceso a, una amplia variedad de poderes psíquicos, siddhis,

y un “cierto interés” en la explotación de estos poderes,

tanto para propósitos materiales, como espirituales.

* Nacemos muchas veces, pues este ciclo sólo se interrumpe

en el momento de la iluminación

y la cadena del renacimiento está determinada

por la calidad ética de nuestras vidas a través de la acción, Karma.

Además, renacemos en cuerpos diferentes,

animales, plantas o humanos,

dependiendo de la lección a aprender o misión a desarrollar;

pues cada cuerpo tiene sus virtudes y ninguno es superior o inferior a otro.

Esto es algo compartido por el Budismo y el Jainísmo,

aunque no es compartido por el ego soberbio.

Sólo la falacia de la Nueva Era oye campanas,

elabora puerilidades en función de su limitado ego y avaricia

por llenar más aún sus alforjas.

* Vivimos en la actualidad en la Edad Oscura, Kali Yuga,

y por consiguiente,

debemos servirnos de toda posible ayuda en el camino espiritual.

* La creencia en la eficacia mágica del ritual

basado en la noción metafísica de que el macrocosmos,

el universo, es un reflejo fiel del microcosmos, el ser humano.

* La comprensión de que la energía sexual

es un depósito importante de energía

que debe utilizarse con sabiduría para acelerar el proceso espiritual,

en lugar de bloquearlo mediante la anulación

o exageración patológica de las pasiones más bajas,

propio de los puritanos y gentes de doble vida y moral.

* Énfasis en la valerosa experiencia de primera mano

en lugar de confiar en el conocimiento de otros.

* El respeto por la sadhana y el dharma transmitidos por el guru,

como trabajo espiritual diario realizado con absoluta devoción y entrega.

Se puede considerar que el eje principal

sobre el que pivotan la mayoría de las escuelas Tántricas es la idea de la Sakti,

el principio femenino de la existencia cósmica, la Diosa.

El Tantrika o Sadhaka(PRINCIPIANTE) trata de conseguir la ayuda de este principio

en su afán por la liberación.

Esto se expresa mediante ceremonias externas de adoración

, puja, 

de la femineidad divina; 

pero también, mediante simbólicos rituales internos,

principalmente, bajo la orientación del Kundalini, Kriya, Mantra y Yantra Yoga.

3.- Los diez principios Tantricos Sectarios:

( Sobre todo atención al PRIMERO, QUINTO y DECIMO)

Los textos clasificados como Tantras siguen diez principios, o tesoros, termas,

que son tenidos en cuenta por todo Tántrico en su aquí y ahora:

  1. Puja, ofrenda.

Método de acumulación rápido de méritos.


En esencia es Bakti Yoga, el Yoga del amor puro y devocional

que el Tántrico aplica aplica sobre la Sakti, la Diosa,


hasta conseguir su unión ritual, maithuna.


( No practicas sexo , si tu Guru no te lo indica y andate con ojo,


no sea que tengas que probar con EL primero.)


  1. Karma, acciones despiertas.

Es el Yoga de la acción desinteresada,

del trabajo social, humanitario y realizado con amor devocional.

El Karma Yoga es el Yoga de la acción compasiva y la amable.

Lo que el adepto realiza es gracias a la Sakti,

pues Ella actúa a través de su cuerpo, mente y espíritu.

  1. Dharma, Ley.

Define las maneras de usar el cuerpo,

la palabra y el espíritu en la acción, en la vida diaria.

Nos permite adoptar la consciencia adecuada.

Es la Ley que rigue el aquí y ahora permitiendo

dar el salto del Samsara al Nirvana.

Aquí el yogui realizará sus sagrados votos para toda la vida.

  1. Abhiseka, transmisión de poder.

Puerta de entrada indispensable para el Tantra.

Es un completo Guru Yoga.

La tránsmisión de poder es obtenida por el adepto cuando ha realizado los

méritos oportunos durante la iniciación, diksa.

  1. Samaya, lazo sagrado.

Lazo que une al maestro y al discípulo una vez realizada la iniciación.

El discípulo ya nunca estará separado de su maestro

aunque sus cuerpos estén separados por la distancia o la muerte.

(Que mas quisiera el GURU de marras, que dominar la vida y milagros de

los demás, si es incapaz de dominar su propia vida.)


  1. Samadhi, meditación.

Consiste en mantener la mente en estado de ecuanimidad, 

sin torpeza ni agitación ni prejuicio.

  1. Mantra y mudra.

Los mantras son lo que protege al espíritu mediante 

el canto de palabras o sílabas sagradas y secretas. 

El mudra es un símbolo o sello que autentifica la práctica. 

Permiten la purificación y la transformación, 

a veces de manera súbita, profunda y catárquica.

  1. Mandala, la quintaesencia.

 El principio del centro. 

Es un mapa del alma, un camino de evolución. 

Para el alma los fenómenos son perfectos e iguales en esencia. 

En cambio, para el ego todo son pegas y excusas. 

Este mapa nos ayudará a reconocernos.

  1. Drishti, la visión.

Es el vehiculo del “efecto”, lo contrario a los vehículos de la “causa”. 

La Visión del adepto depende del conocimiento 

que permite disipar los oscurecimientos. 

Sin la Visión, el Tantra no tiene sentido, pues sin la Visión, no puede surgir 

el milagro del Reconocimiento, Pratya Bijña; 

el Dzogchen, la gran perfección, para los Tibetanos. 

El Reconocimiento es la naturaleza pura y perfecta de todos los seres, 

la sabiduría vacía y luminosa. 

Es darse cuenta de la naturaleza búdica de todo ser humano. 

La iluminación está en el aquí y ahora, en la vacuidad de las formas, según nos dicen los Tantras.

  1. Sadhana, medio de consumación.

Sin sadhana no hay ni evolución ni comprensión. 

Es la práctica secreta e individual que el Maestro regala a su discípulo cuando éste está preparado. 

Reúne todos los métodos del Yoga, 

y los diez termas en una síntesis que será realizada 

durante un espacio corto de tiempo, 

todos los días, una o más veces según el criterio del Maestro.

(Sobre todo regalado, a precio de 1000 euros la sadhana, 

y secreta, haciendo copia y pegas de internet.)

Gracias a los diez principios el aspirante accederá a Rigpa,

como dicen los Tibetanos o Turiya como se dice en India, 

la naturaleza búdica presente en cada uno de nosotros. 

Todo este vasto conocimiento fue traído y traducido del Sánscrito al Tibetano, 

de numerosas fuentes Tántricas de India y del valle del Indo. 

Todavía permanecen muchísimas cosas en Sánscrito y, 

además, estamos descubriendo nuevos textos escritos en Tamil 

y otras lenguas dravidianas, las originales de India.

The Romans dominated Egypt for four hundred years, from the time of Augustus